Duration: 20 hours
Location: East Java Island
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One Day Bali – Ijen Overland Tour 2023


  • On your upcoming vacation to Bali, challenge yourself to an adventurous hike and be amazed by Ijen’s splendor!
  • Take on the mountain’s brisk air on this sunset climb, and you’ll be rewarded with views of Ijen’s renowned blue flames!
  • Have everything ready for your convenience, including permits and transportation, to enjoy a stress-free Hike!


One Day Bali – Ijen Overland TOUR TIME ESTIMATION:

  • Pick up time to be advise once you made a booking ( subject on your hotel location)
  • Driver west coast, some rice terrace and having dinner while sun goes down at Balian Beach,
  • 18.00- 19.30; Having dinner at Local resto.
  • 22.00-22.30; Ferry depart to Ketapang harbor (Java island)
  • 22.30: Arrive in Ketapang Harbour (Java time is one hour behind Bali time). Then drive to Paltuding Hiking Post (Parking area).
  • 00.00; Arrive at Paltuding Hiking post, get some coffee or tea at local cafe.
    Main gate to Ijen summit is open from ( 04.00) as the status of Ijen Volcano at level 2. On the better conditions the gate open at 02.00. We will see how the conditions.
  • 04.00-05.30 : Hiking to the Ijen crater rim. ( about 3 Km distance)
  • 06.00 : Enjoy the view over the acidic lake and Hopely sunrise
  • 07.00 :  Walk Back down to the Paltuding post parking area.
  • 08.00 : Arrive at Paltuding post Parking area, then welcome aboard to our car/van.
  • 09.30 – Breakfast time.
  • 10.30 :Drive back to Ketapang  harbour.
  • 11.00 : Arrive at Ketapang Harbour and catch the Ferry back to Bali.
  • 13.00 : Arrive in Gilimanuk Bali Port ( Bali time is one hour a head from West Java time)
  • 14.30 : Lunch time.
  • 15.30 : Drive back to your hotel in Bali.
  • TBA   : Arrive at your hotel, end of program.


One Day Bali – Ijen Overland Tour
USD xxx/person


Price Includes:

  • Fully air-conditioned private car.
  • English speaking Driver-Guide.
  • Return ferry ticket from Bali to Banyuwangi (Ketapang Ferry Port)
  • Local guide with all safety outfit; Gas mask, Flash light.
  • Entrance fee.
  • 1 time Breakfast at local Warung around Paltuding post area.
  • Refreshment from Bali with Mineral water and bread.



  • others personal expenses such as; shopping and tipping for Driver-guide.


What to Bring:

  • A pair of good walkable shoes; trekking shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes
  • warm clothes (long pants, scarf, jacket, some type of hoody)
  • A raincoat and wet tissues (you can buy during our stops at gas stations or minimart)
  • A cap or a hat
  • A small backpack to carry items up the volcano;
  • Personal ID card (or copy)
  • Cash for personal expenses like dinner or lunch on the back to Bali.
  • Power bank for recharge your battery.


Terms & Conditions :

  • A minimum 2 (two) participants is required to join the tour
  • For single traveler , will apply extra charge from the reguler rate.
  • Reasonable and fair price, that means NO HIDDEN FEES.
  • Payment either in USD, Rupiah, or other currencies based on the latest exchange rates.
  • Payment by Credit Card required 3% additional charge.
  • Private tour, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion
  • Get special rate for participant start from 3 person up to.

Experience our adventure tour to Java while on your Bali vacation. Drive long cost of west Bali, pass Yeh Leeh beach, Medewi beach and some rice terraces… soon you will arrive at Gilimanuk harbor. One hour crossing Bali strait by ferry you will reach Ketapang harbor at Banyuwangi east Java. 1 Day Bali Ijen Overland  tour is just about to begin.

Our English-speaking driver will Fetch you up   from the Denpasar Airport, Kuta, Ubud, Sanur, or any other location in Bali and transport you to Bali Gilimanuk ferry Port, the most western region of Bali. It takes roughly 4 hours to travel.

A beautiful Entrance Gate to Gilimanuk Ferry Port.



Once at Gilimanuk Port, welcome a board on ferry voyage to Ketapang Port, within 1 hour we will be in Java island.

Gilimanuk Ferry Port – Bali.

Then we’ll drive for about 1,5 hours  to Paltuding rest spot, The route passes through a number of magnificent settings, including rice fields, little towns, and the only remaining primary tropical rainforest on Java Island, which is surrounded by multiple volcanoes. The majority of the time, you’ll enjoy those views when you go back throughout the day. and the very early morning, you will begin your hike to Ijen Crater from Paltuding rest spot. The 3 kilometer trip, which follows a gradual slope and is somewhat uphill, takes around 1,45–2 hours.

Route Going up to Ijen Crater











You’ll be accompanied on your journey by further vistas of around volcanoes and opulent greenery, and the trail is often kept in high shape.

Blue Flame Experience at Ijen Crater

If the Volcano level safe to see the Blue fire, Then We will take you down for about 1 Km ( 30 minutes walk)  to observe the blue fire directly on the edge of the acidic lake (lake temperature: +/- 40°C; Ph: 0,5; maximum depth: +/- 200m) from the crater rim while wearing gas masks.

NOTED: If the conditions /level of the Volcano activities in safe level, then you may walk walk down to the Lake side, But to walk down need extra energy and extra attention as the path access is very rocky.

At the side of Ijen Crater Lake.

After marveling at the magnificent Blue Fire, we return walk up to the crater rim to take in the dawn over the entire volcanic region. Spend some times for photo with the view of the Lake crater.

Local Miner with 60 Kg weight on their Shoulder.


Sun rise normally can be seen from June, July August with changes of 95% to witness Sun rises.

Sun rise atmosphere

After take some photos, walk back down, for about 1,5  hours and then going to have breakfast at local Warung around Paltuding rest spot area.

After breakfast  continue on to the Ketapang ferry station to catch the ferry back to Bali Gilimanuk Port.

After 4 Hours driving, finally Reaching Denpasar, Ubud, Kuta, or Sanur area  (Remember that Bali time is 1 hour advance)

Thank you for joining our 1 Day Bali Ijen overland tour.
(On the way back to your hotel in Bali, we may do some stop with beaches and rice terraces, prepare your camera!)






  • Flashlight (hand lamp or headlamp) or carry both as a spare. Using a headlamp your climbing will be easier because your hands are free to move
  • Gloves, to withstand the cold weather above the Ijen caldera. Gloves also help you well when descending the crater and having to hold on to sharp wood or rocks
  • Warm clothes, you should prepare in advance before leaving. During a trekking trip, you may not need it because body heat helps warm the body, but when you stay at the peak for 1-2 hours, the cold will be more colder.
  • A gas mask, which you need as protection against dense clouds of toxic gases like sulfur dioxide. You can’t last long in the gas without a special mask. The presence of gas depends on the wind which sometimes you can’t avoid.
  • Ordinary protective masks (health masks) and Handy Sanitizers have become an obligation and a requirement to carry, especially when entering the new adaptation era of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Before the adaptation era occurred, some people wore them on trips but there were also those who used them when they started to smell a very strong sulfur smell. But in the new adaptation era, the importance of using health masks is precisely to have additional functions, namely to prevent the transmission of COVID 19, and to take responsibility for maintaining health among visitors to the Ijen crater.




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